Pass Perfection Previews

Are you nervous about how much exam study you still have to do to be ready? Are you spending hours over books with information that just isn’t going in? Do you feel underprepared and anxious?

We have been previewing exclusive episodes from the Pass Perfection series – all specially designed to help you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for any upcoming exam... If you are at school, college, university or even studying for professional exams the Pass Perfection System is your ticket to success.

'Pass Perfection Introduction' is available to watch for free here.

Purchase the Pass Perfection package of exam study videos and MP3s for a limited time only at a reduced rate of £24.99 (RRP £39.99). Pay with your PayPal account or your credit card.

Once you have purchased the package, you will receive access to all Pass Perfection content, this includes:

14 Video Episodes

  • Introduction
  • Episode 1. The Magic Of Lemons
  • Episode 2. Your Mind and Fried Eggs
  • Episode 3. Magic Number 7
  • Episode 4. Mapping The Mind
  • Episode 5. Study Secrets
  • Episode 6. The Art of Calm
  • Episode 7. Patching Your Mind
  • Episode 8. The Biggest Question Ever
  • Episode 9. Walking On Fire
  • Episode 10. Magic Memories
  • Episode 11. Getting it Inside
  • Episode 12. The Final Key
  • Conclusion

4 Audio Relaxation MP3s

  • Part 1. Instructions on Listening
  • Part 2. Pre-Study Session
  • Part 3. Pre-Exam Session
  • Part 4. Post-Exam Session

To find out more about the Pass Perfection series, visit our info page.

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