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Using digital media to do good things

The Pass Perfection series has been devised by Headstrong and produced by Inner Ear. In this blog post, Inner Ear's director, Dougal Perman, ponders how digital media can be used to, as Brian often says, do good things...

The internet is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to finding ways to improve or help ourselves. I have encountered many wonderful resources, learned lots from the teachings of great people, been comforted, found support, engaged with communities and benefitted from the wisdom of the crowd on many occasions. But like many of us I've also been easily distracted, lost focus, been overwhelmed by what I've ready, watched, seen and heard and sometimes can't see the digital wood for the virtual trees.

How we use technology is up to us. At Inner Ear (which is a content creation and communications company – that is we produced, publish and promote digital media) we are very interested in using the tools at our disposal to make stuff that informs, educates and entertains people in many different ways. We're passionate about making messages as accessible as possible. That's why when we met Brian from Headstrong, through our friends at Skylark PR, we discovered that we not only got on really well but we knew we wanted to pool our combined talents to create something really useful and beneficial for people.

Our very first encounter was when Anny (our digital marketing consultant) was asked by Lisa at Skylark to DJ at Brian's birthday party. Her blend of disco and house went down well and Brian then asked her to DJ at another event. She was eight months pregnant then so I DJed at Fashion In Flames instead – an incredible fashion show charity fundraiser where the runway was a fire-walk!

Brian, my colleague Benny (our communications manager) and I put our heads together and decided we wanted to take Brian's long track record of helping people realise their true potential and approach studying and exams in the best possible way and create a useful, easy to follow digital product that we would price at an affordable level so that as many people as possible could benefit.

We're very pleased with the results. Our production team have been enjoying the benefits of the relaxation MP3s included in the product. You can get a free audio download pre-study relaxation to help you relax and focus your mind simply by signing up to our mailing list via the link on the homepage. There are four more audio recordings available in the Pass Perfection series.

The combined teams at Headstrong and Inner Ear have really enjoyed working together to create Pass Perfection. We hope you get as much out of it as we do. Check out the promo video, sign up to the mailing list and get the free audio, watch out for our promotional live streamed previews of selected episodes from the video series and let us know how you get on.

We're confident that by creating this digital good thing, we're going to help you do even more good things yourself too!